The Salmon

The Salmon

Rinzhen [Tei Mitsuki, 鄭 盈暉] is just another ordinary person who just wants a piece of her cake in this artistic world.

She believes to have been possessed by the spirit of the Great Salmon King, Kiamhupisang, and have obtained mighty powers to do his bidding, with the exceptional increase in her level and a MP Limit Break.

Feisty and insane, she hopes to bring inspiration as she goes along.

Even though she is majoring in Digital Animation, she secretly desires to be a undercover florist-cum-doting mother by day, and a poncho-wearing-masked vigilante, who arms herself with Salmons and Shiny Paper Stars by night.

Her biggest ambition is to be the first female PM of her country. And with her first order, she will declare Kedah as her national state and shift her HQ to the main town where she was born.

Her only vice is Noir Chocolates and freshly brewed, no-sugar, no-milk, black coffee. At the very sight of it, she will melt and dissolve into a Pokemon who will do your every bidding (so as long as you don’t hold down the B Button).

This is her art journal.
Any attempts to steal her works will be executed.
Give credits where it’s due or she will sue you. For sure.