First time drawing in months, and hahaha, it’s an art-trade between Hikarin and I.
I really have no idea what to draw at first and on the side note, I’m really still not used to using the tablet to draw works. I’m ultra old-school so without a pencil, I feel powerless XD;;;

By request, I did Nagato Yuki with the bunny headphones : D
Added the sweet Gibson Guitar she played in God Knows ’cause headphones alone… is just kinda boring, yknow? : D
But the guitar was a pain to draw. STILL! : D I did it. Somewhat XD;;;
I ran out of ideas for BG because I know it’d take me another Ice Age to complete it… So yeah. Here you go! : D

If you’d like to see the art-trade that’s done by Hikarin, here’s the link : D
Hikarin’s Art Trade

Hope you enjoyed it so far.
Comments please : D